These SlurryKat pioneered tanks are extremely effective for umbilical slurry spreading applications where the land is not accessible from the slurry storage source on the farm or the AD plant. This means that the slurry can be transported from the farm or biogas plant by road haulage trucks or tankers and discharged into the mobile nurse tank. The tank then acts as a buffer for the umbilical spreading system allows it to continuing to spread between the tankers loads arriving at the site. This is particularly important when spreading slurry onto cereal crops where “stops” in the spreading operation can lead to irrecoverable damage to the growing crop.

Price: P.O.A.


Standard features on all tanks include

  • Full frame Monocoque construction
  • Press formed side panels for strength
  • Commercial hydraulic lifting braked axle
  • 385/65R22.5 road tyres
  • Level indicators front & rear
  • LED road lighting system
  • Front and rear discharge/fill ports with sump system
  • Models available 40m³, 60m³, 80m³, 100m³, 120m³, 150m³

Tank Optional Extras

SlurryKat offer many bespoke solutions to make your slurry handling processes run as smoothly as possible, some of these options include:

  • Internal Jet Mixing system
  • Integrated Doda Centrifugal pump
  • Sealed sheeted roof/top
  • Top access hatch with external and internal ladders
  • Venting system
  • Tandem lifting axles
  • Empty protection system (prevents tank from being moved unless empty)
  • Air brakes
  • “Tough-Line” anti-corrosion internal rubberised coating

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