R S Combi Self Propelled Brush


Cubicle Cleaning

RS Agri brought working prototypes of their new range of cubicle brushes, designed and built in the UK, to the market in late 2011.  All machines have the CE approved mark.  They have been working on various farms achieving excellent results with good feedback from customers.  The machines have been specifically designed to cope in UK conditions and have been built to a high end specification.
The sweepers’ principal features are that they offer:

  • time savings
  • labour welfare (no more backache)
  • consistent result with every operator
  • consistent quality brushing from first to last cubicle

This improves hygiene and helps prevent bacteria build-up.  In addition the combined sweeper/bedder offers savings in bedding materials used.

RS Combi

The self-propelled machine performs at a consistent level leaving the cubicles clean and applying an even amount of bedding material. Less bedding material is used so saving more money. The overall cleanliness of the cubicle area means improved levels of hygiene. The RS Rapide Combi offers a simple solution to the problem of keeping cubicles clean and bedded with fresh material in a one-pass operation.

Standard Features

  • powered by an electric start Kubota diesel engine
  • variable hydraulic drive to the wheels
  • 470 litre material hopper – fitted with an agitator and auger to keep the bedding material moving
  • able to dispense sawdust or Envirobed
  • lime can mixed in with the bedding
  • 70cm brush fitted with adjustable height and sweeping width *
  • hour clock for maintenance management
  • accessible greaseable bearings and pivot points
  • variable speed for transport and material application

* option for hydraulic swing round brush